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How to fall in love at one glance

Blue eyes, Baby’s got blue eyes.

Sugar glance, I melt with a dance
Of infinite words laid in a wise
 Suspended moment of your tense
Hooked on a feeling that you’re in love with me
I repeat your words with mixed emotions
Of trust. Is it a new start, a new journey, a raw honey
While vocals are gone, leaving premonotions
I hold a flute to sing to the universe
How come I fell in love at one glance?
Why Am I so sure I cannot reverse
Time, Love and Sounds of Silence
Here and Now?
You were words written with water
Flowing like a pearl rushing to a sea
Filled with Medals for that matter
And I was your bubble who will see
Your eyes, your lips, your smile, your hips
I’ve walked into a dream along the red carpet
Taking the end of a long journey of tricks
And whatever happened whoever I met
Now is Time to learn how to …
Be Alone,
Trully love,
 and how to become a Real companion.
From 35 G to Switched 34
( I’m starting to grow down again !)

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